Strike Indicators

Strike indicators can be a very helpful tool when nymphing or fishing wet flies. I have tried a lot of different indicators since I have started fly fishing. I have two kinds of indicators that I always have on hand.

The first indicator is made by Spirit River. The Spirit River tip off strike indicator is a yarn indicator that is awesome for slow riffles and slow current. I try to treat every twitch or unnatural movement as a hit and more often than not end up with a fish on the end of my line. This indicator is great for picking up the softest takes. Make sure you have some dry fly floatant, this will help you keep your indicator right on top of the water. I usually apply floatant at the beginning of the day and won't apply new floatant until the next trip. This indicator comes in a few different sizes and colors including, black, green, white, red, and yellow all in micro or large. I have tried every color but black. I usually have white or red, that is just my preference. A package of four are $4.00 on the Spirit River website. I usually pick mine up at Sportsman's Warehouse where micro cost $3.29 and large cost $3.59.

 The second indicator is made by WestWater Products. This indicator is called the Thingamabobber. I find myself nymphing more and more with this indicator. It is a small plastic balloon like indicator that can be used in many water types. I like to use it when I'm fishing waterfall pools, fast currents, rapids and pretty much any kind of water that will pull yarn flies right under. It's not as sensitive as the yarn indicators so if you use it in slow water there is a good chance that you will miss small takes. The company has just recently released a new half n half thingamabobber that has easier detection of more subtle hits. I have not tried this half n half thingamabobber yet but I plan on ordering a few to give them a try. The indicator comes in a variety of colors and sizes starting from 1/2" to 1 and 1/4" in diameter. You can pick up a pack of 5 indicators for $4.99 at Sportsman's Warehouse. I know there are many different brands and types of indicators.

I would love to hear what indicators you use. I'm always looking to try new products.

 -Mike Clemmer


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