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What I learned from the making of backyard tenkara

The first time I attended an international fly fishing film festival, my mind was absolutely blown away. I was inspired, in complete awe, and totally consumed in the films. As the festival ended, I turned to a buddy of mine and told him, "I will have a movie in a fly fishing film festival someday."

One of the films that really stood out to me that night was called "Good As Ever," by Outsmarting Fish. I have followed their blog and vimeo channel for years but the film stood out to me because of it's simplicity. The film is just over five minutes and I'm sure it was filmed without a hefty budget. No over the top fishing lodges, heli rides to the backcountry, expensive guiding services, or traveling to places half way around the world. Just a message about how awesome fly fishing is, filmed on a public trout water where anyone can camp and fish. I will embed the video below this post.
I'm an average Joe fly fisherman. I don't have all of the latest be…

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