fresh air

I think one of the best parts about fly fishing is getting away from your daily grind to step out and enjoy some fresh air. Things become simple....don't drown and catch fish. Fresh air was filmed in northern Utah on and near the Ogden and Weber rivers. These are a few of my favorite places to step back and breathe.
Most of the filming took place between March and April. In the video I hooked into a 21 inch rainbow up on a dirt bank 5 feet off the creek. I stepped down on to some mud that had slid off in the water and I completely lost my footing. My waders started filling up with freezing spring run off water, luckily it was shallow and I was able to pop right up and land the fish. After taking my first spill out on the water alone, I have started to pay a lot more attention where I put my footing.
I hope that you enjoy fresh air and fishiki!

-Mike Clemmer


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