creekside fly fishing

I'm very excited about our creekside video. We were able to get some nice fish on for the video. Although, doesn't it always work out that the fishing is always best when the camera isn't rolling? I have fished many small creeks where only a roll cast usually only a few feet up stream is all that is possible, which can be a lot of fun. This is actually a pretty good sized creek with some nice bends and deep holes. It's nice to find a creek about this size because there seems to always be a few hogs and you can find a few holes to throw your line around without ending up in the top of a tree. Snags and navigation are just a few of the challenges when fishing small streams. Small creeks usually have very clean, clear water and fish seem to always be easily spooked and they can be very picky at times. Most of the time you only have one or two tries to present perfectly. One thing that I have found fishing creeks is to never assume that you know where "all" of the fish are. Of course trout will hang out in all of the places you would expect, but fish can end up hanging out in places you wouldn't usually try to fish. I try to cast out into anything that looks promising at all. Look for small undercuts in the bank, shallow or deep. Fast white water under pools is also a great place to hook into a few fish with some size. Any kind of structure is going to have a hiding place for fish, but sometimes fish will just bury themselves in the mud and wait for lunch or dinner to show up on the water. I always like to cast dries onto flat water that has weeds and mud underneath. Be creative, have fun and don't get frustrated, a few snags or bruises on your shins while fly fishing beats the heck out of working at home in the yard. I hope that you can find success in the small creeks close to you. Next time you're on your way to your favorite river to fish, stop and fish a few of the creeks you pass on the way. You might find a nice honey hole that produces some healthy nice sized trout.

Thanks for taking a look into our world!

-Mike Clemmer


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