Creekside Tranquility - Another Project

The smell of fresh pine overcomes my senses as I ascend a backcountry trail along a crystal clear creek. As I breathe in the crisp, clean, morning air, I can't think of anywhere else in the world I feel this much freedom. Camera gear on my back and fly rod in hand, I play a fly on a  few pockets of water that undoubtedly hold trout. The water ripples, a small flash, and the take tightens my line and bends my rod. Pure joy can be found in such simple things and fly fishing happens to be my simple pleasure. Fly fishing has led me to some of the most beautiful destinations this world has to offer. For years and years I have kept these places all to myself.
While I was out filming a fly fishing video one day, I decided to take the beautiful scenery of one of my favorite creeks home with me. The conditions were absolutely perfect, and it's a place that I only get to visit once a year. I started rolling the camera, filming only the forest and creek in its pristine state and the rest was history. This place was too beautiful to not share. I started a youtube account and began to take my camera with me every time I headed out fly fishing. The thing that I love the most about filming these beautiful forest scenes, is that I get to enjoy them any time I want at home or work.

I would love to head up to the mountains everyday but life is demanding and the weather doesn't always cooperate. The idea behind creekside tranquility was to simply have a gallery of the places that I love most. Places that I could revisit anytime and anywhere. I have found that many different audiences use creekside for things such as yoga, meditation, sleep, study and relaxation. Or simply because you have other demands that don't allow you to get out on the river. I absolutely love putting these videos on my t.v. after I get the kids down for sleep, while I tie flies or read a book.

I wanted to take a little bit of time to let you know what I have been up to and why I have been absent from the Fishiki blog. This year was a big year for me, I prepared and took the dental admissions test and applied to dental school. I also had a little boy born right in the middle of all of this! I have had many trips out on the river this year that I plan to share on this blog. Now that I have this new project of mine up and rolling I plan to put a lot of time and effort into both Creekside and Fishiki. They go hand in hand with each other and I absolutely love to share my experiences and projects with all of you.

I will leave a few links below to my creekside tranquility website and youtube channel if that is something you are interested in. On the other hand, this year I took a shot at getting into the f3t fly fishing film tour. Our film was just a short film and was not picked for the tour but it was an absolute blast to film and put together. I will have a full blog write up on the things that we learned from that experience. The film also led me to starting a Fishiki youtube channel where I plan to start posting my videos. Vimeo has been great for me but I plan to make the move over to youtube. I will attach a link to my youtube channel at the bottom of this post.

Thank you for the support throughout the years and for taking the time to read about my fly fishing adventures. I have big plans for next year, including a film that I plan to shoot and submit to the international fly fishing film tour (if4). I hope that you have a great holiday season.

Merry Christmas to you and your family from the Fishiki crew!

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