Rock Creek, Southwestern Montana

After a 45-minute drive through some of the most beautiful country in the world, I find my heart and mind racing as I pass beautiful stretches of Rock Creek. I can’t contain myself, how am I supposed to choose just one section of water to work when there is 52-miles of river that is pure perfection? Slam on the breaks……..a large bull moose runs across the dirt road in front of me, just as I’m about to arrive at the section I mapped out from Google maps the night before. This section looks even better than the interwebs could have shown or described to me. It’s early August, and there is a slight chill in the air here in Montana already, but it’s the clean crisp air that reminds you of a perfect day in the early fall. I get in the crystal clear, stone covered bottom river, surrounded by ponderosa pine trees and begin to work my first hole. Second cast…bam… and I’ve got my first cutthroat on for the day. As I release the first of many fish caught that day, I can’t stop smiling to myself as my mind anticipates what the next few hours will be like. I will say that my high hopes were not disappointed. Which is always the case with Montana, its renowned fly fishing never disappoints.


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