The Fishiki Vlog

It's been quite some time since I've posted here on the blog. As many of you are probably aware of, I have been spending my time creating vlogs and videos on Youtube. It has been a lot of fun to share some of my trips out to the water with all of you. Anytime you film any kind of fishing, getting those perfect shots and getting the fish that you want to share can be extremely difficult. The vlogs that I have uploaded are just a handful of my trips out to the water. Many times I head to the river without any electronics at all. Sometimes I begin vlogging and lose motivation for filming and focus more on my fishing. Other times I'm super pumped to film but the fishing is slow. So far I would say around 1 out of 4 trips become a vlog. Overall my goal is to use these videos as a way to remember my times out on the water and share that sense of adventure that I feel with friends, family, and all of you! I would like to provide some consistency in the times that I upload my videos but honestly, that would take away a lot of the fun for me. I like to use the time that I fish and film as a creative outlet, that pushes me to try new things and really get me to use the right side of my brain. I already have deadlines and calendars filled with to do's in my life, I don't need deadlines and work pressures for my hobbies as well.

I love creating films, from hitting record on the camera to hitting export in video editing software. The process is one that I have done for years and years for a variety of different sports and hobbies. I remember filming with friends in my backyard, snowboarding on an icy hill that we made, learning how to spin and flip. I created my first "edited" movie in windows movie maker when I was 10, skateboarding with friends at my local skatepark. Early filming influences in my life were from snowboarding producers such as Mack Dawg Productions, Absinthe Films, and Videograss. Sometimes you can still see that snowboarding and skateboarding influence in my fly fishing videos. Filming and creating is in my blood, it has been a passion of mine for most of my life.
I have included my vlogs below, I hope you enjoy a few of my adventures. I will continue to add new content to the blog when I can but in the meantime, go give Fishiki a follow on Youtube!



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